Market to Market Photo Trail

I was invited by Gulf Photo Plus to test a new photo trail they going to offer soon to their clients. The photo trail is together with Frying Pan Food Adventures and focuses on the food and food photography covering two Markets, the Fish Market in Deira and the Ripe Market in Zabeel Park, which show the broad diversity of Dubai. Even though I had visited the Fish Market many times I still could learned a view new things and Ripe Market was entirely new for me and I sure enjoyed the food and coffee after an early morning. The saddest news was that the fish market at its current location is going to be closed very soon. Probably as a customer it's not as bad as for photographers as we loose another atmospheric location for photo shoots. We will have to wait and see what the new place got to offer. I have put together a short photo essay focusing especially on the fish market since it is going to be history soon.


Ich wurde von Gulf Photo Plus eingeladen einen neue Photo Tour zu testen welche sie gemeinsam mit Frying Pan Food Adventures durchführen. Die Photo Tour fokussiert sich auf alles rund ums Essen und deren Fotografie und führt durch 2 Märkte, den Fish Market in Dubai und den Ripe Market im Zabeel Park, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten und zeigt somit die grosse Vielfalt von Dubai auf. Obwohl ich schon oft im Fisch Markt war konnte ich einiges Neues lernen und der Ripe Market war ganz neu für mich und ich habe die Vielfalt an Essen, im besondere den Kaffee nach einem frühen morgen, sehr genossen. Die schlechteste Nachricht war wohl das der Fisch Markt bald geschlossen wird und an eine neuen Standort zieht. Als Kunde dürft das nicht so schlimm sein aber als Fotografen verlieren wir einen interessanten atmosphärischen Ort der immer gut war für eindrückliche Fotos. Um die Atmosphäre nochmals zu geniessen habe ich eine kurze Photo Essay zusammen gestellt. 


Little fun shoot from my flat viewing the swimming pool. I was attracted by the structure in the water given by the sun reflection and the movements of the swimmers. But then the position of the swimmers when they are frozen in action is really, really cool. I hope you think so too :D

Surrealism: free your mind

I watched the film ‘The Impassioned Eye’about Henri Cartier-Bresson last weekend. The film was such an inspiration for me so I started reading about him and I learned that his work was influenced by Surrealism, Cubism and Zen Buddhism. Surrealism immediately resonated with me even not knowing what it is about. I started reading and even though that I still don’t full understand it I picked up that it is about freeing the mind of conscious thoughts, reasons or morals. I will sure discover it more to understand it better because my mind can use some fresh air and less conscious thoughts.

Related to photography surrealism also ment to show the marvelous in common things. I took this photo with my iPhone this week and even without having surrealism in mind I think it has surrealism in it. It has something odd in it and I wonder if you can find it. Leave me a comment if you like.

I made some more versions of the same picture and I wonder which one you like the best.